About Chris Nodder

Expertise and a calming influence

Chris Nodder portraitChris Nodder is an established usability expert with 18 years industry experience in designing and evaluating systems that are efficient, effective and satisfying for their intended audience.

Chris is the founder of Chris Nodder Consulting LLC, offering usability strategy consultation, evaluation and training services to large organizations and venture backed businesses.

Before starting his own consulting business, Chris was a Director with Nielsen Norman Group. He conducted original research, created training sessions and workshops, presented at NN/g conferences and worked with companies across Europe and the USA. He researched what makes a good applicationB2B e-commerce, the intricacies of online gift giving and how user experience fits into Agile projects. His clients included businesses in industries as diverse as financial services, health care, entertainment, e-commerce, telecommunications, government, intranets, and several highly specialized B2B sectors.

Before joining NN/g, Chris worked as a senior user researcher at Microsoft Corp. During his seven years at Microsoft, Chris worked on products as diverse as videoconferencing, programming tools for web developers, home networking, online communities, and delivering Internet content over cell phones. In 2004 he was responsible for the user experience for XP Service Pack 2, a major upgrade to Windows XP (documented in the book “Security and Usability“).

Prior to working at Microsoft, Chris held positions as a systems analyst, programmer and usability consultant at NatWest Bank in the UK where he was involved in the world’s first TV banking trial and the first real-life application of smartcards for micropayments. His experiences managing the usability group at NatWest are captured in the book “The Politics of Usability.”

Chris earned a M.S. in Human Computer Interaction from Guildhall University, London, and a B.S. in Psychology from the Polytechnic of East London. He has presented at and spoken on panels for conferences such as UPA, CHI, Group, CSCW and British HCI as well as over thirty Nielsen Norman group conferences and numerous client locations. His presentations have helped thousands of writers, developers and business decision makers to create better user experiences.

Chris runs the QuestionableMethods.com web site, which gives lean and agile teams the tools they need to run their own user research, recently published the design pattern book “Evil by Design,” and is a Lynda.com video author, creating professionally produced video courses on user experience topics. He presents on agile user experience topics at international conferences.