Fast Usability Methods


User Experience (UX) teams must keep up with development needs or be ignored. Rapid application development techniques such as Scrum and Agile leave less time for formal studies. There are many other techniques that you can use to get user data faster, include team members in design exercises, and deliver good recommendations to the team before they even knew they needed help.

  • Learn which “discount” methods apply to your environment
  • Find out how to work smarter, earlier, and still go home on time
  • Get tips for recruiting users quickly and on a budget
  • See how the way you present your results affects your team’s perception of usability


Help your user experience team contribute earlier and more efficiently in the product development lifecycle by giving them the techniques to do fast usability testing.

Topic highlights include

  • Usability methods in the lifecycle – which to use and when
  • Guerilla methods – fast turn-around variations on traditional methods
  • Online and remote testing tools
  • Methods that don’t require participants
  • Team involvement – cognitive walkthroughs and design studio sessions
  • Data analysis for qualitative information
  • Reporting results – data presentation methods to get buy-in

This session also prepares the team for the realities of “selling” usability and user experience within the organization.

Attendees should have a basic understanding of usability techniques, preferably being part of the team which runs usability studies in your organization today.


Customized session handouts are provided in advance in PDF format for you to print and distribute to attendees on the training day.

We give the organizer a “next steps” document with tips to ensure that momentum generated during the class is harnessed and used for maximum benefit.

Licensing terms are available if you would like to use this content for subsequent in-house training sessions.


A variation on this class is used in day 3 of the Politics of Usability workshop. Get maximum benefit for your team by booking the three-day class event which will leave you with a solid strategy for growing usability involvement in your organization and a more cohesive usability team.

Price: US$ 9,000  – see our Pricing page for more information
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of user testing techniques

Next steps

To find out more and to discuss how this class can benefit your group, talk to us by e-mail: info@ [this site’s domain]