Future History Workshop


Bring the strategic decision makers in your group together for a day of creativity that will set the 3 year vision for your product or site by envisioning the future as history.

  • Participatory design workshop for 10-12 decision makers from your team
  • Work from far future trends to currently implementable designs
  • Moderator provides grounding by keeping the session focused on users and scenarios
  • Also serves as a great team-building exercise


We help your team work out what your users will want from you in the future, and then make a plan for achieving this.

  • The morning begins with discussion of future technical trends (based on the homework that attendees completed) and company goals.
  • We agree as a group which users are our core focus (based on personas or other segment analysis) and what these users’ core tasks are with the system.
  • We quickly move into sketching out a vision of the future five years from now. Freed from the constraints of the issues you currently face, these ideas can take you in new creative directions.
  • As a group we discuss the merits of each future scenario before introducing some constraints: what would be possible in a three year period?
  • Finally, we bring the ideas back to the present by working out as a group which elements of each scenario could be achieved in one year.

What we typically find is that once the team is freed from their self-imposed constraints, they can be particularly creative. Much of that creative design is also possible to implement today. Often 60-80% of a five-year visionary design can be coded and released in a one-year timeframe.

A side benefit of the workshop is that it empowers team members with the realization that they really can create innovative new ideas. We leave it to you to harness this energy and guide them as they flesh out the ideas created during the day into a fully-specified design for your site’s future.


We provide several up-front documents to assist you in planning for the day. These help you identify the key players to invite, gather necessary company data, and set the homework task for attendees.

The day itself is devoted to idea generation. We will capture all of those ideas and at the end of the session we will help you to place the most important short-term developments on a timeline.

After this, it’s up to you. An individual inside the organization (probably you, if you requested this work) has to take charge of the process of moving from vision to realization. Luckily, we will have generated significant momentum during the day, so your job should not be too hard.

Price: US$ 9,000 – see our Pricing page for more information
Duration: 1 day with minimal (but fun) pre-work for attendees
Prerequisites: None. Prior knowledge of your users and their key tasks is beneficial.

Next steps

To find out more and to discuss how this workshop can benefit your group, talk to us by e-mail: info@ [this site’s domain]