Interaction Design


Even with a solid visual design and some basic interaction design ground rules, it’s all too easy to build scary interfaces. We give your development team an overview of the key concepts and then work on core issues side-by-side at their desks.

Let us train your development team through classroom sessions and pairing. We teach them the key concepts they’ll need in order to talk in a user-centered way, and then work on implementation issues as they arise by pairing with individual developers.


The week starts with a day-long training session, based on our popular User-Centered Apps class. The following day, the whole team meets again and we apply the training by dissecting the current interface and identifying potential issues based on what we learned in the class. As a group, we identify design patterns to resolve the key issues and apply throughout the product. The subsequent three days are spent in one-on-one pairing so that your developers can gain confidence in applying the patterns and get their questions answered.


  • Full User-Centered Apps training class
  • A set of design patterns custom created for your application
  • One-on-one time with our skilled design staff

Price: US$ 28,000 – see our Pricing page for more information

Duration: one week

Prerequisites: access to your site or application in order to customize the training class.

Next steps

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